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Friday, January 29, 2010

My story

I am joining Holley at Heart to Heart with Holley in a 21 day challenge to write my story. Each Friday for the next 3 weeks, I will be posting the answers to various questions that prompt the telling of my story. I hope that you will join me as I write the story that God continues to unfold.

The Princess, the Procrastinator, and the Planner. I have certainly played each of these roles throughout my life as it relates to the telling of my story. Like every other princess out there, I want my story to be just perfect, and I have attempted to tell it in that perfect way here. The procrastinator? Aahhhh... the true me in every way, shape, and form. There have been those times when I just didn't write because it wasn't the right time, it wasn't the right way, it wasn't just perfect. Then, there were those times in life that I didn't do what needed to be done or say what needed to be said because I didn't feel like I was in the right place at the right time. I wasn't married yet. I didn't have a child yet. I was waiting for that happily ever after to show up on my front door. The planner. This personality, too, is close to my heart. Lists. Organization. Type A tasks. A way to control the outcomes of my life by following a pattern and checking things off.

Too bad, God doesn't work that way. It is time for a new way of thinking. A new way of approaching life and my story. A new way of following in His footsteps with faith and obedience as HE writes each next step of the journey....

There are a lot of people on this journey with me. With us.

Of course, there are my bloggy friends. Some of them I have never met, and some of them I have stepped out of my comfort zone to meet. I have been pleasantly surprised by the people God has brought into my life.

Then, there is my family. My parents. My sister. My Gram who is with Jesus now. My husband.

Especially my husband. He is my true *heart relationship*. I am amazed by how God brought us together, as well as the things He brought D.T. through before even arriving half-way across the world! Not knowing what our child will be like, I wonder how God will bring that together as well. Somehow, it sounds like a good joke... what do you get when you mix a Romanian, an American, and a whatever the child will be??? Hahahah! I know God is smiling down on us, just shaking His head. :-)

Then, there are our acquaintances around work and through the adoption process. Our case workers. Other adoptive families. Our adoption mentors. Seems like that is what our world revolves around right now. Work and adoption.

Of course, I cannot forget our spiritual mentors. For them, I am thankful. Really, the relationship there is more of motivation, and that is something that definitely keeps us moving forward.

Okay, right now, I am feeling a little princess, in that I am struggling to write and I want it to be perfect. *drats!* Oh, well. I'll just keep plugging along.

The edit button. There are certainly many things in my life that I would like to edit. Just take that Red Pen and cross right out! Things I've done. Things I've said. Things I've thought. They are all too personal to share here. I know. What a cop out. It is difficult, though, to hand over that Red Pen to God and allow Him to take control. To redeem my mistakes. To bring me joy. To write my story. What is one way I can give Him the red pen and make peace with who I am? *sigh* I just don't know. I am such a control freak. I try, though. One little thing. Seeking Him each day. Every morning. Oh, and relying on those trust butterflies to remind me of my need for Him at all times.

Finally, a S.T.E.P. in my story... There have been so many! Steps. Baby steps. Giant leaps. Of faith. Of obedience. I guess, the first step was when I first heard God's promise (go on, click that link, if you haven't read it before. I know I've included a lot of links in this post, but that one is worth it!). I grabbed on to it, and was able to begin moving forward in small steps. I felt released.

There. Done for this week. It's not pretty, but I did it. I ignored the perfection voice. I guess that's the point. Head on over to Holley's, and read a few other life-changing stories.



MyStory of HiStory said...

I stopped in today via Holley's 21 Day challenge. Your blog banner is great! I enjoyed my brief stay here and am looking forward to learning more about "The Rest of Your Story" :)

Stacey said...

Gotta love a girl who identifies herself by the best bagel ever made in the world! I like to add the hazelnut cream cheese to that one..mmm!

I looks like the Lord has your right where He wants you! I love what Amy Carmichael says, "He goes before and behind you and in the middle He gathers you in His arms."

Many blessings on your journey,

Communicating Christ Blog said...

Hi there,

I love how personal your blog is. I noticed that you are praying for a baby and I join you in that prayer. There are so many precious ones being born into this world every day and being raised in very troubled and traumatic circumstances. I pray that Jesus will bring you just the right one.

I am looking forward to taking this journey with you and Holley!

Cindy Lou

Linda said...

I am another fellow traveler on this journey with you. It is exciting to think of the places the Lord will take each of us.

Holley Gerth said...

Beautiful, C.C., I'm so glad you linked up! I've loved getting to know you in bloggy land and I hope we get to meeting face-to-face one day too. Saving a hug for you...

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