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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diet 101: Tools

Over the past two weeks, I have discovered a few weight loss tools that have been very helpful to me. Some I have found online, and others have been passed on to me by friends. I thought some of you might find them beneficial as well.

Here you go...

Hungry Girl
A coworker passed this one on to me! :-)
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with recipes, healthy product suggestions,
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This has been the most incredibly helpful tool I have tried so far! It was created/promoted by Lance Armstrong, and recommended to me by a dear friend. I have found it to be
invaluable. There is an online version (free) as well as an app
for the iPhone ($2.99 ~ WELL worth it!!!).
It helps you to count the calories you consume
as well as what you burn, how much water your drink in a day,
and your nutrition breakdown (Carbs vs. Fats vs. Proteins).
Pretty much any food or product that exists
is included in their database so that you don't
have to manually enter any information yourself.
I would HIGHLY recommend this tool to anyone.
At least click over, and try the free online version.
If you are an iPhone owner, however, I doubt it will be long
before you download their app, too! LOL! ;-)

StepTrak Lite

This iPhone app (free!) counts your steps. A great way to count those calories
burned throughout the day! A bonus is that it also makes me aware of when I am not getting up and moving throughout the day. It helps me to be intentional about being more active whenever I can. Taking the stairs. Walking a little faster. Delivering a piece of mail or a package to a coworker instead of emailing them to come pick it up. A bonus feature on this app is that you can Tweet your daily step count to help you keep a record of your activity.

Well, I hope you enjoy these few tools and find them as helpful as I have. Please feel free to pass any other ideas or suggestions my way! I would LOVE to check them out! :-)

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

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