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Monday, March 22, 2010


Perhaps, because there are no words to explain or justify what our government did to us last night. Two words alone are sufficient for my troubled soul to grasp. I AM. The name by which He is to be remembered by all generations. Unfortunately, what we have chosen to do is pretend that He is dead and to put an unnamed marker on His grave. Oh, that this country would remember Him again. Whether they want to acknowledge Him or not, He is still in control.

I took a little break from blogging this last weekend. Three full days, actually. I can't believe it. I think this is my longest stretch yet. I guess, sometimes, you just need a break.

We took a road trip this past weekend and got to see family. Very nice. I also started reading the book I recently won. I would like to share a few things from the book a little later, but for now... suffice it to say that I read out loud to D.T. while he drove until my mouth turned dry... and I cried. I only made it through 1 1/2 chapters. I don't think that I have ever identified with any one person or process description any more in my entire life. I could have written every word myself. Very validating. I'll share more on that later.

I am relieved to be done with my class. Not sure how long it will take me to get bored, but I'll take it. It is nice to not have that responsibility right now. I can choose to clean or organize something if I want, or I can choose to rest or just watch television. Aaahhh.

We pick up our canine children after work this evening. You know, we love them a whole lot, but sometimes, it is nice to have a short break, too. I imagine it is the same way with your children? :-)

Diet and exercise are in order again. Actually, they never stopped being in order, but we stopped paying attention. Time to jump back on the wagon now that SPRING is here and winter is a distant memory. :-)

What is on your agenda now that SPRING is here?

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...


-stephanie- said...

Just seconds before I read your first paragraph, my husband walked by and said "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding..."
That's all we can do. Pray, pray, pray!

Shelly said...

Our gov't needs to start taking U-turns. Sigh...

On my agenda this spring is getting some much needed stuff done around the house. And spending more time with my family.

Beth in NC said...

We have to pray and trust God about our nation. It is concerning CC.

Liz said...

This government scares me! All we can do is pray! I believe too that God is and always will be in control.

We want to do a little more landscaping outside so that's our plans for Spring. Enjoy the outdoors a little more too.

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