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Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Adoption

I thought about posting this yesterday, but really, I was in a very bad mood. So, I thought I'd better wait until I calmed down a little.

I mean, I guess there's nothing really horrible. It's just all the little annoyances that pile on top of all the waiting... and more waiting.

We got an email the other day telling us that our health forms expired with the adoption agency because they were older than a year. So, we made our appointment to see the doctor. We paid our copays ($40 more down the drain!) and I had another TB test with the results to be read on Monday. Unfortunately, D.T. is not so lucky with TB tests. He was exposed a long time ago (never had it) and treated when he was in the army. That means, though, he can never have a TB skin test again because it will come up positive. Instead, he has to have a chest x-ray to prove he doesn't have TB. Can you hear it? Cha-ching!

We tried to have fun, though, while we were waiting for the doctor to come back to do my skin test. By the way, did you know that only doctors or nurses are allowed to do these now? Not medical technicians anymore. It's a new law. I mean, a technician might mess it up. Don't you just LOVE new laws? They all make SO much sense, don't they? *sarcasm* We have so much to look forward to, too, with Obamacare. My doctor says there are about 2,000 pages of new laws in it that make SO much sense! I am so excited! I just can't wait!!! I love being told how to live my life! *more sarcasm* Ahem.

Wow. Maybe I am not as calmed down as I thought. It helps to get it all out on paper my blog.

We did have a little fun while waiting for the doctor to come back and do my TB skin test. Sometimes, you just have to laugh or you'll cry! Right?

Oooooh, I am not happy that I have to pay to
have another chest x-ray done!

Help me, LORD!???
I give up!???

Yep. I give up. Hey... what are those stick things
in the jar back there? Can I take two of those
and stick them up both sides of my nose?
Or do they go in your ears?

Um... that man is NOT 42 years old! Do all men act like children? ;-)

Oh, well, you've just gotta have fun!

I had a long conversation the other day with a lady I was referred to by a friend. This lady does adoption work with a lot of agencies and seems to have had a lot of success in the past. I was impressed. She knew all the right things to ask and how to answer and just all-around good information! I learned that most other agencies are NOT a lot like ours is. In a good way. Um, not that our agency is horrible. It's not. There are just a lot of... um... idiosyncrasies with the way they operate. Plus, it's been a year! Plus, we have no guarantees. So, I think it's time we branch out and expand our options. Um, if we plan on not being the age of Sarah and Abraham when we get a baby! We are going to meet her later today to brainstorm and see what else is out there. Would you pray for us, if you think of it, that God would make our directions clear, that He would give us wisdom, and that the Holy Spirit would guide us?

Thank you!

By the way, did I mention that we LOVE our doctor? We do. He was here when D.T. came to the U.S. almost 20 years ago and remembers him from way back then. He was also around and involved in my diagnosis with MS 12+ years ago. Way cool. :-)

Hey, maybe that is what D.T. was saying...

Dr. Lane ROCKS!


~Amy said...

Will pray for your meeting! Maybe another agency will have more girls coming through their doors which would increase your chances?? I know my friend waited 1 1/2 yrs w/hers in Roanoke. We ran into them at Food Lion last week and it was such a joy to see how much their daughter has grown! I wish that for you! God will show you what to do!

Judi & Steve said...

We will continue to pray daily for you two special people. We love you. Let us know how your meeting goes.......

Sweet Peas said...

I will pray for you and that God will continue to reveal his purpose and his plan for your life!

Jessi said...

Yes...sometimes you have to laugh or you'll cry.I totally do that!
Praying for direction today for you two and that God will use this lady how He sees fit.

blessedmomto8 said...

OH THE FRUSTRATIONS! I have been there! I have another frined that does adoption work if you want her email :) NEVER HAVE TOO MANY IRONS IN THE FIRE!

Anonymous said...

I think keeping your options open is a good thing! I will continue to pray for you!

Boy, do I know all about those TB skin tests. We have to have them every year in order to work. And blood work to keep our insurance cost low.

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