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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The JOY Challenge: Day 35

I am linking with Holley from in(courage) on her 40 day journey to choose joy. Won't you join us? If you would like to jump back to day 1 of my journey, click here. Or, to jump back to day 1 of her journey, click here.

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, everyone! You know, whatever time you happen to find yourself reading this. Today, if you would be so kind as to humor me, I would like to choose joy in something completely and totally non-spiritual. After all, there are many non-spiritual things that happen in life... and I believe that God does care about the every day details of our lives. So, I guess this could be spiritual.

Here goes.

Today, I choose joy in things turning out the way they were supposed to be in the beginning. Wrongs being made right. Mistakes being restored.


and AFTER!

There now, isn't that better?!? :-)

*satisfied sigh*

It's been days now, and I still *smile* every time I walk by!

How are you choosing joy today?

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

***Don't forget to pray for someone today!

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Anonymous said...

It looks great!!

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