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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The JOY Challenge: Day One

I am linking up to Holley Gerth who I found through (in)courage, a new online ministry for women. You can find a link to this ministry below and on my sidebar.

Like many other woman, I relate to what Holley has been sharing recently concerning HOPE and her struggle to achieve it. Like Holley and many others, I struggle with this as well. Maybe you do, too. Why does that look weird to me? It is "too" or "to"? Anywho.

God has been tapping me on the shoulder about once every other minute, telling me something to remind me to have hope, to let Him come to me, to have confidence in Him, to...

get the picture? Yeah, me too. I don't like it, but I do get it.

Do you think this is how God feels? I mean, quite awhile ago, I asked Him to help me identify with His sufferings, to learn to know Him more, to understand who He is, to relate to Him. Is this what I get? I guess I should be careful what I pray for.

I can tell that there are those who are praying for me. Some have told me. Some, I just know. But, I can tell. It's a good thing, too, 'cause I'm not really praying for myself anymore. Close your mouths and don't be shocked! I'm human, too, and I'm doing the best I can right now.

So, Holley has been choosing to have joy, something else she struggles with. I guess they are both related... joy and hope, that is. Peace, too. Actually, all three are important to me. Unfortunately, they often evade me. She has challenged her readers to join her on a 40 day journey to name something each and every day for which you are joyful. I commented on her blog that I would try to join her in this quest, but that she (and you) should expect what I find joy in right now to be a little superficial.

Here it is:

Today, I find joy in hearing my little dog, Ben, howl. Don't laugh. Or, you can laugh if you are laughing at him. It is hysterical, and it just puts a deep down joy in my heart and a smile on my face. Woo-oooo-ooo! :-)

Come back tomorrow. I may try to be a little more spiritual then.

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

***Don't forget to pray for someone today!


Sarah Dawn said...

What a delight to splash around with you today. I am going to go to the site that is sponsoring your post as well. And sweet one, I love your last comment, don't forget to pray for someone today. Exactly.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Sheryl said...

a joy challenge? what a great idea. i've been reading holley's writing as well. think i'll go over and read her newest post.

and i get it about not praying for yourself!!

Holley said...

Thanks so much for joining me in the joy challenge! I'm so thankful to have you on this journey with me.

Tara said...

We all find joy in many different places and things. EnJOY Ben's little howl.

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