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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hey, little baby...

It's Ben here. We're ready for you to make an appearance anytime now. I'm getting just a little impatient. Really, it feels like we have been waiting a REALLY long time. I've been sitting nicely and everything because I usually get something when I sit.

Now that mom is done with her class, she and dad kind of just sit in front of the tv all night...

while I sleep and my sister looks sad. Maybe they think they'll get something, too, if they sit.

There's not much else to do... except sleep. Dad's got a really comfortable lap. I'll even move over to give you a little room on it once you arrive.

Oh, and they got this really cool chair, too. They say it will be good for when you come. I think it's got the words "Lazy Boy" in the name, or something. It moves back and forth and the foot thingy comes out and everything. Except, they haven't let me ride on it yet, even though I'm quite a lazy boy, myself. I'm watchin' though, and waiting for just the right moment when... Ahem. Never mind. You didn't hear that.

Love your older canine brother,

p.s. Hey, just one more question... will you be a boy like me or a girl like Goldie? Oh, and just exactly what is a baby, anyway???


Ok, now it's the mom here. Today, I choose joy in relaxing evenings at home with nothing to do. It is so nice to have our newly DOWNSIZED living room with space to breathe and no assignments that need to be turned in!!! :-) I also choose joy in claiming God's promise to me, and I am believing that HE will fulfill His promise someday soon.

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

***Don't forget to pray for someone today!

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