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Monday, October 19, 2009

Mid-Day Meditations ~ SoulTalk: Spirit Intervention!

It's time to put the center in the center.
Coming together at the level of soul with the supernatural power
supplied only by Jesus Christ must be the foundation
of every other good thing we do.
And it can happen.
Not in big crowds, but in small pockets,
two or three at a time, groups of eight or ten.
We could discover the life that is already in us as
Jesus followers, and we could speak that life into others
and receive that life when it comes to us from another.

That's SoulTalk --- speaking whatever is truly alive in us
into another and accepting whatever is truly alive
in another when it is spoken into us.

Be aware. SoulTalk is radically different from SelfTalk.
SelfTalk is the natural language
of every person ever born, except Jesus.
It's the language of self-protection
and self-sufficiency and self-absorption.
It's the language of noble ambition
and generous involvement and moral concern
and life-improving agendas that tries to do high good
without commitment to the highest good.
SelfTalk is our social language, our religious language,
our political language, our business language,
our relationship language.
It comes from someplace other than our Spirit-saturated center.
It comes out of our efforts to adjust to this world,
to make it a better place, to get along comfortably in it,
to keep ourselves happy and fulfilled and safe
and to help others feel better
about themselves and about their lives.
It speaks death and smothers souls.
It's the language we all speak naturally
and will continue to speak all the way to our grave ---
unless the Spirit of God intervenes and we respond.

The Spirit has intervened.

He is right now intervening.

It's time for us to respond.

-excerpt from Soultalk:
The Language God Longs for Us to Speak
by Larry Crabb, 2003...

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

***Don't forget to pray for someone today!

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