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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whatnot... and other random thoughts.

I've been thinking about doing one of those Vlogemotion things, but I hate being in front of the camera. The video camera, that is. If I actually had a good video camera right now. Which I don't. Whew. Narrowly escaped that one!


I always want to learn something practical in life from the classes I take. This class has been particularly challenging so far because it is all about research and how to actually write a research proposal. You know, with statistics and stuff. That sounded so research-y, didn't it? Yeah right. Anywho... everytime it comes up in a class, I always struggle with the whole science/faith thing. It's making more sense to me right now, though. Science is how we examine and explain God's creation, whether that be the world or the people who live in the world. Faith meets science where science leaves off. Not everything or everyone has to fit into a nice, neat normal distribution, (Bad researcher. I used Wikipedia. That's not considered scholarly.) does it? After all, God doesn't fit in a box. So, we don't have to either. 95% of the people and life circumstances may fit in the box, but God works outside the box. That's where I'd rather be. 'Cause that, my friends, is significant! (Oops, I did it again! Bad researcher!!! I don't like being scholarly, anyway.) Did that make any sense whatsoever?


Speaking of words that start with what... Every once in a while, we come across an English word or phrase that D.T. doesn't know. This morning, he asked me "what does whatnot mean?" Hehehe... have any of you heard that word before? English is such a tricky beast sometimes. :-)


A serious question. What would you do if you were us? Would you pay $6,500 to get on a second adoption waiting list? That is, if you had $6,500 and didn't mind losing it if you got a placement at the first agency... where you would no longer have that same $6,500 to put towards placement costs there. I'm confused. I know, I know, we are praying for God's direction, and whatever He says, we will do in faith. But I am curious what you think, too. Pros? Cons? What say ye?


I'm so excited that Sparkette and her kiddos are coming to visit July 4th weekend!!! Shhhh... don't tell her kiddos, 'cause they might hound her to death for the next 3 weeks. And I kinda need her alive. 'Cause we're gonna sand and paint this baby! Yeah!!! Woohoo! :-)


Ok, off to do work and whatnot...

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

***Don't forget to pray for someone today!


Anonymous said...

HUGE :)!!!

Wait for my kids vlogemotions tonight. I am going to get them on there!

Whatnot. Good word.

The other question you have. Gonna pray on that one for minute.

amanda said...

whatnot. lol. the other day shaun's grandma said 'shmuts' what's a shmuts!??! :0) praying for wisdom on the adoption thing!

Sneaky Momma said...

Praying for clarification from God on the adoption agency issue. :)

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