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Monday, July 07, 2008

A Restful Weekend...

It was SO nice to have an extra day of rest this past weekend! Boy, did we need it!! I wish I could say that we got a ton of things accomplished (like cleaning out the dreaded guest room closet), but we did catch up on some sleep and enjoyed just laying around.

We did manage to clean up some of the rest of our guest room, which had turned into our "I don't know where else to put it" dumpster. DoubleT got a lot of grading done for his adjunct class, and I also took the first test in my counseling class. I got a 95%! Woohoo!! I was really nervous about this first one.

DoubleT's jaw and tooth have been hurting off and on since the crown work he had done last week. Advil helps, but the last couple of hours until he can take another dose can be pretty tough. The eating thing has not been as bad as we anticipated, although he has to be careful to only eat on the side opposite the temporary crown. Of course, he will still be avoiding things like candy apples and beef jerky! I will say that the soup was a good plan for the first night, and the cake certainly didn't last very long! :-)

All in all, the long weekend was actually a little... subdued... and kind of slow for me. I am a homebody for sure, but somehow, I like to accomplish something, too. I don't know if you are anything like me, but having a goal motivates me. I am a "big picture", visionary type. Give me a project to oversee that produces tangible results, and I am ALL OVER IT! And if it is something I can organize into an Excel sheet, that is even BETTER! :-) I know, I'm weird. Give DoubleT a big box of papers to go through or a gargantuan jumble of jewelry to untangle, and he will sit forever until the task is accomplished. Me? I'd just throw it out. I get far too overwhelmed and can't stand the frustration.

Maybe this gives you a little glimpse into why this "planting" part of the adoption process is driving me nuts! I would much prefer a "Chia Pet" type growth pattern that consists of opening a packet of seeds, applying good 'ole H2o, and voila, instant plant!

Unfortunately, it's not like that. God's plan is not "open mouth, insert prayer, press '1' for your answer, your wait time will be approximately 2 minutes... How may I help you?" No, His plan is more along the lines of "Seek Me with all your heart, trust Me, wait upon Me, and live by faith."

Oh, well. My plan may sound easier, but I know His plan will produce a greater harvest! In the meantime, we are still trying to get things done one baby step at a time. I just need to stop kicking myself for not getting something done each and EVERY day. Forgive me, I have a very "Type A", "Monk"-like personality! LoL... or "L-0-L out loud", as Monk would say!!!

Well, I have no clue where all of this was headed. I guess it is just a general update about the status of our life and the way I am feeling at the moment... somewhat scatterbrained, isn't it?!?

I was looking on YouTube to see if I could find any clips from the movie "Facing the Giants." Not only did I find a lot of them, but I even found the actual scene that talked about preparing your fields. I don't know what you might be "waiting on the LORD" for, but whatever it is, rest assured that He does keep His promises! I am resting in that, too. So, while we all "rest" together, enjoy this little clip, and ask God what you need to do to prepare your fields to receive God's rain.

***oh, you might want to scroll up & stop the music playlist so you can hear the movie clip! :-)

Preparing our fields...

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