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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A quick hodgepodge...

I have been sick for the last two days. Sinus yuck. Better now than in 17 days. Yep, only 17 days until Disney!!! I am getting ready to register for my next two grad classes. Actually, I should have already done this, but ya know... procrastination... busyness... registration hiccups. Anywho. These two classes will put me at 30 credits. Halfway! Goodness, this degree takes a good, long time. I have lost a total of 28.7 pounds. Almost 29! Only 5.3 to reach my goal!!! Hmmm... what else? I really wish this cough would go away. Ya know... the annoying you feel better but cough every two seconds and make everyone think you have some horrible disease cough. Yeah, that one. The dogs did enjoy my presence at home for two days. They mostly relaxed so that I could, too.

Can you tell who is in charge? I'll give you a clue. It's not the big dog who moves aside the protective blankets on the couch because she likes to sleep on the actual couch. Nope. Not her. She doesn't think she is a person, either. ;o)

Embracing His Joy, Hope, & Peace...

1 comment:

Jessi said...

Sinus stuff is NO fun! I seem to get a bad sinus infection every winter. Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon!
You're dogs are too cute!
Way to go on your weight loss! We need another picture:)

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