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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Purpose ~ Destiny...

I recently received an email from the Women of Faith Blog that I signed up for. The writer on this particular day was Luci Swindoll who I have heard speak many times at Women of Faith conferences. Actually, it was an excerpt from a book she wrote in 2008. You can read it here, if you like.

Following the comments made by Luci, a question was posed for the readers with a place to link up your thoughts. I thought I would join in. So, here goes.


Do you have a sense of destiny? How does that affect your daily life?

My answer:

I do have a sense of destiny. Yet, to me, it seems to be on hold or unfulfilled. Many years ago, I would have said that my destiny or purpose in life was to be a mother. This is not necessarily so, anymore. Now, I want to say that my destiny or purpose is to help others because of my experiences. Yet, that does not seem right either. I think that the only destiny I could possibly have is to be a child of God in pursuit of His image, to be holy as He is holy, and to love others as He has commanded.

Yes, that is it. To love God and to love others.''

How does it affect my daily life?

The old me would have said that it doesn't. I just go about my daily routine, waiting for the fulfillment of my destiny to happen. Or... it consumes me. I spend every waking moment trying to force it to happen. Neither is the way it is supposed to be, though. He has given me this life and He desires for it to be abundant. Not stagnant, and not frantic. He desires for me to fulfill His plan, His purpose, His destiny for me in His way and in His time.

So, onward I will go, and I will see the fulfillment of my destiny as I go... in every single moment of every single day. In every single interaction. It will not be perfect because I am not perfect. But, it will be beautiful because He is in it with me.

Embracing His Joy, Hope, & Peace...

1 comment:

Women of Faith said...

Thanks so much for writing this CC. It's a great destiny that you have :)

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