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Monday, September 20, 2010

Catching up & quotes that apply...

I have be so incredibly busy the last little while. The class I am currently in has really kept me hoppin'! I grew up loving to read and write, but this one is really stretching my limits. I have a book to read and a theory critique to write every week, along with discussion boards and a significant paper. I feel like I am perpetually running at full speed a few steps behind the bus, and I wonder if I will ever catch up! I'll get through it, but I suspect that I will be exhausted by the time it is over and sorely in need of a break. I think I am going to drop the class I am registered for in the next 8-week term so that I can actually enjoy preparing for Christmas.

Some of the books I have had to read lead me to believe that the authors are out of their minds and really don't have clue. Well, at least one of the books, anyway. The idea behind this class is to examine all the available Christian theories out there and to decide what you can (or cannot, in some cases) glean from each one. The current book that I am reading is really good, and I thought that I would share one quote that I found particularly poignant. Take it for what it's worth. Maybe it will apply to you as well.

"We must let Jesus pilot our lives before we can ask Him to power our changing. He won't barge in and take over, but He enters when invited. Of course, we have to own our responsibilities in the injury-recovery, healing-from-hurts changing process. But, just as there is an unseen, inner energy at work in physical healing and change, God's unseen Spirit energizes our emotional/spiritual changing processes when we let Him. As we do our part, God does His 'inside job' to create
change of eternal significance."

- - - Sandra D. Wilson, Ph.D., Hurt People Hurt People

Isn't that SO true?!?! I imagine that we all have some changes that are needed in our lives. Thoughts. Attitudes. Behaviors. Relationships. Of course, God desires to help us with those changes, but we must be willing to first invite Him to take the control of our lives out of our hands and place it in His sufficiently capable hands. Change is not easy, but praise God that we have His Holy Spirit to guide us through the process and to give us the energy we need to get through to the other side. How about you? Could you use some energy to make the necessary changes in your life?

Well, enough about that for now. It is time for work. I pray y'all have a blessed day.

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

1 comment:

April said...

hi C.C.!
I have an MA in counseling as well and remember reading some off the wall theories...and then there are those words that resound in our souls and beckon us toward healing.
You mentioned you'll be in RO in February (are you sure you want to come in Feb??? Not our greatest month). We actually leave in 6 weeks for the states on maternity leave, and then, won't be returning to live here...only to visit, like yourselves. Only, hopefully not February. :)

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