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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits~ cleaning out!

I feel like I am in a stage of cleaning out my life. You remember when your parents told you to red up your room? Come on all you Pennsylvania people. I know you've heard it and probably said it to your children now! :o) Well, like most typical children, when I heard that phrase, I proceeded to pile all the junk laying around my room either under my bed or in my closet. Unfortunately, I still have those same cleaning habits. Piles move from one place to another, paper rarely gets thrown away or shredded, and not many items get tossed out the door. When you live in a 1,000 sq. ft. town home, things can start to get a little tight! I am finding that one of my problems is that over the years, I have begun to equate my memories with things. Now, I am not saying that it isn't okay to have items that remind me of a time in my life or a person that is special to me. It is. It's just that I don't necessarily need everything. Or multiples of things. I need to use discretion and find a way to let go of some things that really are not that important. For instance, and this one is not associated with a specific time or person, but tell me... why in the world do I have two nice glass pitchers and four plastic ones? When in this lifetime will I ever use six pitchers of liquid at one time??? I would need a very thirsty army of men to come over, and that's not going to happen in our little place! :o)

***shaking my head***

It is time to clean things out... not just red things up!

We were planning to finish the floor in our attic to provide more storage (i.e. more redding up places to put things), but we have run across some structural questions that need answered first, so that is on hold. In the meantime, we did clean out (and throw out!) half of the stuff that was up there. A little breathing room to move some boxes that still need to be gone through out of our hallway. Aaahhh...

The project will continue!

The weight loss seems to have sloooowwwed down, so I am going to have to step things up! Just under 7 pounds for now, but I am pushing toward that goal of 34! Anybody up at 5 a.m.? Wanna pray for me then that God would kick me out of bed and onto the treadmill?

Our visit with D.T.'s brother is going well! 3 more weeks to enjoy him... as long as that ash cloud over Eastern Europe will go away. Flights are canceled again. :o( Oh well, his visa is good until October! :o)

On the child-front, no news, but I am BELIEVING God for a miracle! I will wait for His timing, but I am not giving up on His answer or His promise!

Anybody else ready for some warmer weather to return? Things are a bit too chilly for my taste in May!

What's the temperature and the weather like in your neck of the woods? It's all rain here.

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...


Tara said...

I have never heard of the term "red up." I can't stand clutter so I'm always organizing.

It has been so dry here but thankfully we finally got some rain the last two days.

Glad y'all are having fun with the brother-in-law. I had heard about the flights cancelled again.

Great job on the weight loss and no Diet Cokes!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Never heard of the term either...but I should be doing that around here too.
I want warmer weather too. It has been cold here for too long.

Jodie said...

I have grown up hearing and saying "red up.". I still say it all the time. Before being married, Noah never heard the term, but now he uses it... Mostly just to humor me. BTW... You can count on me for being up around 5 AM.... Sometimes 4AM. I'll pray for God to wake you up.... Let me know if you change your mind.:)

April said...

I'm not familiar with that term, either. But I hear you about collecting things...I've started trying to live by the phrase: when it doubt, throw it out!
The weather is cool here, too...which is okay for now as I know it'll be a hot summer without a/c. Although,we don't have hot water right now either, and that makes taking a warm shower...impossible. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that term! Glad that you've been able to clean out some attic space!

It's been rather warm down here. 70's, 80's, couple of days it got into the 90's. It has been raining but we've needed it so bad!

Hope you guys continue to enjoy your time with your BIL!

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