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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

I feel so behind in life right now. I am a day behind on Holley's 21 day challenge. If not before, I will catch up on Friday.

I am on page 64 in my 166 page workbook (questions that require paragraph answers) for the Group Counseling intensive that starts in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! Plus, I have to take 2 exams and read 1,000 pages. Can you say not. gonna. happen???

Goldie jumped back in our bed last night after spending the first half of the night in her bed and then waking me up at 2 a.m. to take her outside. Seriously, dog, we have got to fix your schedule!

It is supposed to storm off and on again all week. I am so over it. I want SPRING!!! We need to go to the store to get groceries so we have something to eat if we get snowed in again. We just don't have time.

Signing out for an indefinite period of time. I need to devote myself to this workbook. It is definitely a challenge. Just to give you a taste of what the questions are like, here is one that I really struggled with.

Assume that after Casey disclosed that she was gay one of the members said, "Casey, I need to let you know that
I have a hard time hearing this,
because I'm not comfortable with homosexuality." How would you intervene?

Seriously. These questions cannot be answered without thinking. Plus, there are a LOT of them. 166 pages of them. LORD, help me!

Rant over. Peace, out. Not sure when I will be back.


Jessi said...

I feel behind too! I've felt it for a couple weeks now. It's not even that I need to be ahead! Just caught up with life! Praying for energy and stamina as you work through you workbook and get stuff done!

I'm ready for spring too...I totally blaming all these feelings on winter. Spring will just be SO energizing and WARM.


Beth in NC said...

Oh, that sounds like fun (uh no). God help you stay on schedule.

Liz said...

I cannot believe that we are getting yet another snow storm this weekend! This has been the most unbelievable winter yet. I'm with you BRING ON SPRING! I'm trying to tell myself over and over that in 3 months I'll be sitting by the pool.

Ok, that's not an easy question! Praying for you!

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