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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My story... coasting...

Today, I am joining Holley on her 21 day challenge to write My Story.

Holley shares that the Sabbath was given to us by God as a day of rest. I will add that it is also a day (not that it should be the only day) to remember Him and to fellowship with other believers. Holley also points out that the purpose of rest, or coasting as she calls it, is to give us strength for the next part of our journey. That may be a Monday morning, the next big decision, or even another year.

Well, I did get a lot of rest today, thanks to the snow. Unfortunately, I did not get to fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. The piled up snow and our lack of a shovel (side effect of living in a town home) precluded that benefit. What I did do a lot of answers the question posed by Holley.

How do you coast?

The answer can best be given in a picture.

You see, this is the place where I lay all my burdens down and converse with my Father.

Coasting for hours with streams of *HOT* water and a *COLD* Diet Coke by my side.


-stephanie- said...

Ahhhh looks great. Happy coasting! :o)
Now where's the picture of hubby bringing you a nice hot tea? ;o)

amanda said...

looks so nice!! our bathtub is gross...i wish i could lay in it.

MyStory of HiStory said...

ahhhh....I can almost feel what you describe here...wonderful :)

I've fallen behind in the challenge...bc I got stuck on the "5 senses" one....but, I'm proud to say I've finally been there/done that and am movin' on now. Looking forward to coasting when I catch up! :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a nice hot bath!

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