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Friday, February 12, 2010

Heavy heart.

Do you ever just feel this way? Can life just slow down so I can jump off? Do you ever just want to quit?


Skimming books. 2 chapters last night. 2 chapters this morning. One test when I am finished. Then on to more skimming. 3 days until the intensive. That word even sounds yucky. Intensive.


I learned yesterday through someone in my life of a young lady who was pregnant with #2 and considering abortion. I found out this morning that everyone around her did and said everything they could, but she moved forward with the procedure anyway. I just don't understand. We and at least two others communicated that we or they would have taken the baby. I am sad.


Guest coming this weekend to stay and take the intensive with me. I am glad. You know. Misery loves company, right? ;-)


Both dogs slept with us last night. Correction. Slept at my feet. D.T. had all the room in the world. Tell me, exactly how far can I pull my legs up?


I have nothing else to say right now except that God is still God... and good.


He & Me + 3 said...

I am waiting for life to slow down just a bit too. It is hard some days. So glad God is still God!

amanda said...

oh man. praying for that girl who did what she did with number two. i couldn't imagine.

my heart is heavy too...and thankfully christ is coming back and we will no longer have to have heavy hearts. god IS still GOOD!

Shelly said...

I hear you, I have had days with a heavy heart. But thankfully we have hope!

Liz said...

The decision that girl made saddens me. Why did she choose that route when so many people want babies? I'll never understand that!

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