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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Eve of a New Year!

Well, it's upon us again. New Year's Eve... to be followed by, well... a new year.

This has perhaps been the most difficult year of my life, but I am also grateful for the many ways God has blessed us this year.

It has been a rather healthy year for me.

God has also given D.T. extra work that has allowed us the funds to fix things in our house, to take care of all of our obligations and some of our debt, as well as to care in extra special ways for his mother and one of her friends in Romania.

We have also been able to save more than two-thirds of the fees we need for whenever placement time comes of a special little one. Now, that is something I thought would never happen. Have the money to adopt, that is. I mean, I used to say that we couldn't adopt because we couldn't afford it. Fortunately for us, God can. He has taken away all the fear of finances with His mighty provision! More than I could ever imagine! It's like money doesn't mean anything to me anymore. I mean, in a good way. I just don't worry about it anymore. You know, in many ways, I am not the same person I used to be before we started this process, and money is just one example of that. Praise God!!!

I must admit (since I am being honest) that I wonder if this will be the year. So many years have gone by, and they seem to be going by more quickly with every passing moment. I pray that God will continue to give me the strength to endure whatever His plan and timetable might be.

Resolutions. I'm not always one to have them. Losing weight would be an obvious one, but that is pretty much an all-the-time effort, not just a beginning-of-the-year one. I could have a spiritual resolution, but then again, that is an obvious one, too, and one that I want to commit my life to, not just a month.

No, I think my resolution this year will be a practical one. One that will help me to prepare for a new little one and to make my home a safe sanctuary for myself and my hubby. Yes, my resolution this year is to get rid of all my junk! ALL of it. We've already been doing some downsizing the last few months, and I am pleased with our efforts. It's just that there is a lot more to do. So, my resolution is to declutter, reorganize, and to do it every day.

Hey, maybe this lady can help me! :-)

What is your New Year's resolution?

Happy New Year! May God bless each of you this year beyond your wildest dreams!

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

***Don't forget to pray for someone today!


Angie said...

I pray God's will for you & your husband this year, and that He will give the desires of your heart. Happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Praying 2010 will be a wonderful year for you! I think your resolution is a good one. I haven't really made any because I am the worst at keeping them.

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