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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank you...

I am humbled and amazed by the response I received from yesterday's post. Some comments, some via email, and my Facebook inbox was chock full. Some encouragement, some identification with my feelings. Ha ~ Honesty! What a thought!

I must say that I am grateful for all of you, for your encouraging words and for your prayers, especially as I am not "up to" praying for myself right now. I DO believe in prayer. I'm just not feelin' it at the moment. What I AM feeling (strangely) is a little bit mellow. I think I'm just calming down from my little tirade, and slowly coming back to earth.

Alarmingly, though, I also find myself feeling a few things I always wished I would never feel.

Cynicism and bitterness.

Now, hold up a minute. I recognize that I am feeling that way, I acknowledge that I don't like it, and I am trying very hard to fight it.

Oh, well, that's depressing. Let's talk about something else. Did I tell you about where I went last night? No, I don't think I did.


Last night, I went to a birth mother support group at our agency. It is held every month, and already adoptive moms and waiting moms are invited to come every other month. This is the third, or maybe fourth one (I can't remember) I've gone to.

Each time has been, um, interesting. And last night was no exception. I find it rather amusing that our case workers encourage us to not "congregate" with other adoptive moms, but to socialize with the birth moms. But, then, the birth moms get up from the table and congregate with each other.

Yeah. You said it. Ineffective.

I sometimes wonder about the different personalities represented. I mean, I am an INFJ or an ISFJ, depending on which site I take it at, but it's just kinda funny. Like, what is everybody thinking when you walk into a room full of people you mostly don't know and you're all there with an agenda?

Waiting mom: Hmmm... I wonder if she'd give me her baby?

Birth mom: Um, ewww, definitely not her.


I guess we're all afraid.

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

***Don't forget to pray for someone today!

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