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Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It's that time... see all the things I didn't do this week, and then hop on over to MckMama's blog for more of the fun!

This week, no matter what anyone tells you, I most certainly did not do any of the following:

On Tuesday, we did not turn in our album to our agency, and this did not officially put us in the waiting pool. I am so sure how I feel about this right now.

Later that same day, DoubleT did not leave on a plane for Boston for tax training, which I totally think sounds like a blast. Before he left, we did not drop the dogs off to be boarded so that I wouldn't have to handle them both by myself the rest of the week. All of this did not mean that I had the house 100% to myself for 3 whole nights, which I most certainly did not take advantage of to sit around and play computer games rather than clean up like I should have. Nope, not me! I could never be accused of doing nothing or procrastinating! ;-)

Before arriving home on Tuesday, I did not make a quick stop at the grocery store to get the ingredients I needed for veggie pizza... AGAIN. THEN, on Wednesday, I did not sit around messing with the new side bar on my blog when I should have been making the veggie pizza. I did not procrastinate until 8 p.m. to finally start my task, only to discover that I had forgotten to buy the crescent rolls! Yikes... two weeks in a row?!?! I did not quickly go to the store, come back, make the pizza, and finally get to bed at midnight! Nope, not me!

On Thursday, I did not go to our Sunday School class's Girls' Night Out, which was not REALLY a surprise baby shower for our friend! I most definitely did not ride with another friend because I am directionally challenged :-) AND because it was dark and raining so badly I thought I might kill us both if I drove!!! We did not get there and back safely (Whew... only by the grace of God!) and we did not have a great time! :-)

On Friday, I did not attend our agency's Christmas party alone, :-( and I did not end up sitting with 6 birth mothers because I was the only one at my table when they came in. Even though they were very nice young ladies, and even though I have come soooo far in my view of adoption, I did not find this situation very um... awkward? How's THAT for honesty?

After the party, I did not go directly to the airport to pick up D.T. I always appreciate D.T. when he is home, therefore I had no reason to be SO excited to have him back! AND, I definitely knew what to do with myself when he was gone!

This has not been a tough week for me emotionally. I am not trying to muddle through all my thoughts, and I would not greatly appreciate your prayers for me to have the faith to keep moving forward...

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...


Anonymous said...

I did not just say a little prayer for you ;)

Happy Monday!

Jessi said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm still praying for you and I am NOT looking forward to seeing what projects your working on..or whatever they are. Not at all!

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