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Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday!


Phooey! Oh, well, I guess #7 will have to do!


This week, no matter what anyone tells you, I most certainly did not do any of the following:

Right now, I do not wish I could actually remember what I did not do this week! Where does the time go, and where is my brain?!?

Many nights this week, DoubleT and I did not (as usual lately) work on our album. We did not finish an additional a bunch more pages. If I can still count, I do not have 18 ½ finished and 11 ½ more to go. I am not ready for this to be done, and I am not at the point where I am actually beginning to think about what is next. I did not actually consider RE-DOING one of the album pages because I didn't like the way the journaling turned out. I am not THAT crazy!!!

This weekend, I did not have to actually clean in order to take pictures of several rooms in our house for the album. Nope, not me! I am not so cluttered on a regular basis that this would even be necessary. I did not, for the first time in a long time, actually make our bed this morning only in hopes of getting a nice picture of our room later on tonight.

Early Saturday morning, DoubleT and I did not go to P@nera Bread for a bagel date. This is not a new tradition for us, and I did not enjoy it very much! While at P@nera Bread, I did not smile every time DoubleT noticed a baby. I do not remember when I was the only one who noticed babies, and I do not think God is preparing us for what is to come! :-)

On this “date”, we did not BOTH take our laptops :-), and for 3 hours, DoubleT did not work on his classes while I worked on making the pdf application for an adoption loan “fillable.” I do not dislike hand-writing anything, and I did not spend that much time in an effort to avoid it. The application is not 10 pages long, and I do not look forward to the time when all this paperwork is over! I am not praying that God will provide someway other than a loan to pay for this adoption. We do not also need to start applying for grants now that the home study is approved.

I definitely do not wish that I had something different to talk about, and I bet you are not tired of hearing the same old thing. I’m sure we all will not be very happy when we move on to the next stage of this journey! Till then… I do not hope that I will be the first one to link to MckMama’s blog today! I am not curious to see if being #1 will bring more people than usual to visit us. :-)

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...


-stephanie- said...

#7 is great, I was thrilled with #50. Pathetic huh?

heidi said...

How funny that you both took your laptops!

Jo-Jo said...

Came over from McMama's blog...You sound like you have a wonderful marriage and only good things to come and I AM NOT just saying that!

Anonymous said...

So were you #1?? I can so see your pride in Daniel ~ that's cool! Keep up the great work w/the scrapbook! Thanks for sharing it yesterday at church!

Julie said...

LOL! I would want to re-do stuff too. It has to be perfect!

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