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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is it just me...

...or do you all struggle in your faith the same way I do? I don't know why I have such a hard time. God has never been anything less than faithful, yet somehow, in my weakness, I let my emotions get the best of me.

The last couple of weeks have been up and down a lot. Car accident (the insurance company of the guy who hit us is denying the claim... our insurance company will have to pay and then fight the other company in arbitration... that means we pay a $500 deductible until our company wins and gets the $$ back...), scrapbooking, work, home. We just keep plugging away.

We have finished (at least my definition of finished :-)) 7 out of 30 pages for our album. One of those pages still needs our names, which a friend has graciously offered to die cut for us (with shadow behind the letters, too!), and 2 other pages still need journaling / captions for all the pictures. You would agree that those qualify as finished, right?!?

Does anyone who lives close by have good handwriting? Mine is far less than beautiful, and I would be more than happy to pass that part of the assignment on to someone else who is gracious and has lots of free time on their hands! :-) Someone? Speak up! Anyone?

The highlight of any particular day is our trip to the scrapbooking store to pick out pretty paper for the background of whatever page we happen to be working on that night.

The highlight of last night was going to that same scrapbooking store that also does custom framing to pick up the mat we ordered on Saturday for them to cut to the correct size to hold a print we have had for quite a few years, but never framed. Procrastination? Who me?!?!?! AND, we got a frame with the 50% off coupon I got online. Thanks for the tip, A**! AND, the guy at the store offered to put the mat and the print in the frame for us! Good thing, because my crafting skills are about as good as my handwriting. He put it together in such a professional way~ with the paper covering the back, the two little plastic thingies (that's a word - - - look it up!) so that the frame doesn't damage the wall, and even put wire on the back to hang it! Cost for all that? A big, fat $0!!! The only thing we paid for was the matting and the frame. What a blessing!

Isn't it beautiful?!!

and, I think I needed the verse on the bottom as a frequent reminder to have faith and hope in God!

I think we'll work on wedding pages tonight... or maybe DoubleT's family... hmmm...

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

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