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Friday, September 05, 2008

Lunch time guest...

We went home for a few minutes over lunch today to take the dogs out. Lo, and behold, who was waiting at the door and staring us down?

Seriously. DoubleT made sure he was nice and safe WAAAAYYYY out in the yard this morning. What are the odds? Word must have gotten out that ours is a great family to be in.

DoubleT even tried to gently nudge him along with his foot...

but he just wouldn't be moved. I think the very determined little fellow must have wanted to come back inside. Finally, after a few tries, he flew away, and DoubleT congratulated him with a "Good boy!" Force of habit, but perhaps we need that child to arrive quickly so that we learn how to interact with humans again... lol!

I hope the positive reinforcement works and that our guest learns to live in the wilderness outside our home. If he is at the door tonight, I may have to conclude that God is trying to teach us something through this little piece of His creation... perhaps "I will never leave you nor forsake you" or "PRAY without ceasing" ???

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