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Friday, September 07, 2007


Have you ever prayed and prayed for something and then wondered IF it would ever happen? God has reminded me over the past several months that He is all about timing and He is in control. As humans, we have our eyes on what is right in front of us at the moment, but praise God, He sees the big picture.

I have prayed specifically for several things for quite some time now. Some of these things were to have a child, whether or not to pursue a graduate degree in counseling, and to change jobs. You may have read one of my posts a few months back that asked the question "Why?" regarding my struggle with infertility. God answered that question for me in a sermon recently. In his sermon, Facing Our Jericho (June 10, 2007), Jonathan Falwell said "God’s plan for WHEN always involves a time of preparation and a time of sanctification." It is interesting that God answer my self-focused question of "Why (me)?" with a fact-focused response of "When". God's plan for my life and the answer to my questions has already been set in motion. I may not know when everything will happen, but God told me that He has been using the time of waiting to make me ready.

It is interesting what has happened in my life since God spoke to me that day. I don't believe in coincidence. Not long later, God specifically told me to "follow" Him. I thought, "follow You ~ where?" The word follow is an action word. I couldn't just sit where I was and follow at the same time, could I? So, I actively waited (see, Pam ~ I was listening!) And then, in true Experiencing God fashion (Jon ~ you will appreciate this), I watched where He was at work. And when the opportunities came (in just the right order - after all, God IS a God of order!), I joined Him.

So, what's new in my life? My usual guarded answer when someone asks that question is "Not much". Well, my better (and hopefully more transparent) answer is:
  • DoubleT and I have been praying about submitting an application to adopt a child.
  • 3 months ago, I began taking medication to control the progression of my MS. I honestly struggle with the daily reminder of this "thorn in my flesh", as the Apostle Paul referred to it.
  • God gave me a new (and, in my opinion, less stressful) job (this is my second week), and I didn't even have to look for it. He put it right in my path.
  • I am 3 weeks into my first counseling class in grad school. My goal is to counsel women through various life circumstances to seek the ultimate answer in Christ.
  • I am participating in weekly lay counselor training at our church. The first meeting was this Wednesday, and I can already see that this will be an intense time of learning, growing, and yes ~ even healing, for me.
  • Beginning this Sunday morning, DoubleT and I, along with another couple, will be leading a new Sunday School class at our church for couples affected by infertility.

Whew! I guess that's about all that's going on in our lives. Next time, remind me not to wait so long before!

Whatever you might be struggling with today...

Remember ~ God loves you
Relax ~ He can be trusted with the details of your life
Remind yourself ~ He is faithful to work out the big picture

and don't forget... to give Him praise ~ especially, in the storms!

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