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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I love...

From the time I was little, I LOVED our cats! I was always near them, and tales have even been told of them sleeping in the crib with me. I can neither confirm nor deny. :o)

Apparently, from the picture and the figure I am now working hard to trim down, I loved food, too. Look at those chubby legs!!! :o) I wonder if my parents noticed how I was holding the bottle? Not very sanitary, huh? No wonder I don't mind kisses from my dogs. LOL! ;o)

I guess I also loved any kind of animals, for that matter. I was pretty much not afraid to touch anything. :o) Um... did you notice the bonnet? Yep. I wore one of those every day of my life growing up. That's what you get when your light skin burns like mine does! :o)

Phones. LOVED them when I was little. Now, you couldn't pay me to talk on the phone. Only as a necessity, but not for fun anymore. ;o)

Hey, where did the blonde hair come from??? It has been dark as long as I can remember. Did any of you dark-haired beauties have blonde hair when you were little? Did you know that it is spelled blond if you are a man and blonde if you are a women? I know you couldn't live without that little tidbit of information. You're welcome. ;o)

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Anonymous said...

My brother was blond when he was a toddler. His hair is now dark like mine. I have such a huge heart for animals too! Cute pictures!

Stephanie Harbin said...

I was a blondie when I was I was little and got darker and darker and darker and now it is getting grayer and grayer and grayer!!! I am so inspired by your weight loss. I joined WW for the 3rd time. Hope it is a charm!!

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