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Monday, January 31, 2011

God is über-Good!

We all know that, right? Well, there are other times when we actually experience it... even in the little things. This was actually a fabulous weekend... after a pretty good week, too.

Allow me to share. :o) The other week, I was looking for a devotional book to download on the reader app for my iPhone, and I went back to a tried and true favorite. You can actually read his devotionals every day online, but I wanted something that I would have with me everywhere, and the electronic version was really cheap, so I bought it.

Here's where the God part comes in!!!

I have my options set up online for one-click buying. In other words, I don't have to go through a bunch of annoying steps to make my purchase. I just click on one link, and I'm done. Off to the download. So, that's what I did. One click. Download. Then, I saw what I did not expect. TWO books downloading. Both of which I apparently purchased somehow... unintentionally. No surprise to God, though, and OH-so-worth the second, also cheap price. I don't even know how it happened, except that God intended for me to have it. Both books had such a similar title that they had both showed up in my search results. I love this second book, though! I am actually wondering how I made it this far in my spiritual journey without ever reading anything from this man. His writing is completely amazing! Direct! Cut-to-the core. Challenging, yet easy to understand. IMHO, something that every Christian, without exception, needs to read!!! Another interesting fact... he was born a mere 51.1 miles from my home town! Of course, that was 114 years ago. I imagine the place looked different back then. Still. Cool. :o)

Then, this weekend. Y'all know how much D.T. loves to cook, right? Well, he loves to grill, too, and grill he HAS! We bought our grill 3 or 4 years ago, and we have used it well. I do mean, REALLY well. Now, spring is coming (YAY!!!) and we need to be prepared to contribute to our weight loss efforts with some yummy (and healthy) grilled favorites! So, we needed some new grill plates, because the old ones had pieces of metal coming off onto our food.

Yuck. Gross. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of our grill went out of business. It figures. So, off we headed to our local home improvement store with one of our yucky grill plates in hand (in a plastic bag, of course) so we could compare the size to any other grill plates they might have in stock. Not much luck, though. Nothing really matched, and if it even came close to being the right size, it wasn't the kind of material we wanted. We were hoping to find something cast iron since everything ceramic-coated quickly deteriorates and leaves off it's... well... coating. Alas, they had none. Except... that a sales person was very helpful and offered to look through their leftovers. Their spare parts. Until he found three smaller (to match the total size of our two bigger) grill plates that were, in fact, cast iron (woohoo!) and that he said we could have for... get this... NOTHING. Nada. Free. Can you believe it? He GAVE them to us, and walked us right out the front door.

Wow. God is good, regardless of whatever happens in our lives... but He also really showed His goodness to us this weekend. We certainly didn't want or need to pay for new grill plates. We had just returned from spending money on our upcoming trip to Romania, on a few new clothes for Mr. Skinny, and on some organizational things that make me über-happy. :o)

Our other shoe rack just wasn't big enough to fit
all of both of our shoes.
So, we bought this one for his shoes. Hehehe! :o)

Look! Now, there aren't any more shoes
piled up in our entry way!!! :o)

Of course, we tried to be good stewards of God's money by making our purchases at T.J. M@xx. You know, there is a reason I don't ever go in there. Good prices or not, it is really easy to spend a lot of money in that place, especially for two people that really like to spend $$$! :o) The best part of the day, though, was when D.T. tried on and purchased a pair of $17, size 34 jeans. Seriously! I am SO proud of that man! über-cool! :o)

Church was really good, too. We are starting to settle into this new place. We are still seeking God for which Sunday School class He would have us attend, but I really believe we can grow here. I am attending a women's Bible study that begins this Wednesday night. I can't tell you when the last time I attended a women's Bible study was. I also can't tell you when the last time I attended church on a Wednesday night was. Actually, I have really allowed the schedule of my life to get in the way of my spiritual growth, and I want to intentionally change that. I want to get back on His schedule. I am glad that God led us here.

How has God shown His goodness in your life lately?

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

P.S. oh, I almost forgot! I got an über-good sale on Sobe yesterday! You had to buy 10... like I wouldn't anyway??? and they were all $0.49 each! When I heard about that sale, I jumped right in my car and hopped on over! 40 bottles later... (for those of you trying to figure it out in your head, that's $19.60 all at once instead of $40 here and there!)


It did take awhile to find room for them everywhere in my kitchen. LOL!

P.P.S. Did I tell you? The temperature was 55 degrees here yesterday! In January! The dogs enjoyed their walk and being outside very much!

Our backyard did not enjoy their digging quite as much.

We have some serious fixing to do once spring really comes. :o)


Jessi said...

Great stuff going on! We just started the Experiencing God study with our small group and I'm so excited about it and what God has in store for me/us. Thanks for the link to his website. :)

Bonky's Mom said...

Such a great reminder to look for things to be thankful for. So often we're (I'm) looking for the big answers to prayer, we can forget to take the time to thank God for the blessings He daily gives us.

Happy Monday!

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