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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Double Dose: an eventful anniversary!

WARNING: if you have a weak stomach for blood or medical things, just stop here and call it a day.


It certainly was that. Eventful. I think the most important part is that everything that happened, we journeyed through together.

Early in the morning, I went downstairs for something or other and then came back up the stairs, two at a time (holding on to the railing, or course. :o)) Catching my foot on the lip of the step two from the top, I lunged forward and caught myself with all of my body weight on the little finger of my left hand. I know. Brilliant.

It did hurt quite a bit, but I had no interest in going to the doctor or the emergency room because I was sure it was just sprained. As the day wore on, however, the finger got increasingly blue, black, and swollen.

We went home for lunch, and I rushed through trying to prepare a fruit salad for later that evening. I am definitely NOT the cook in the family, but D.T. was chatting with his mom in Romania via Skype, so I decided I could do it. The only problems were that I needed to cut an apple, I am not good with a knife, my little finger was numb, my hand was cold because the dogs were out back on their leads and the back door was wide open. This all led to the knife slipping and me cutting off a teeny tiny piece of flesh on the ring finger of my left hand right by my cuticle. Um, did you know that that area of your body bleeds a LOT?!?!? It does. Like dripping all over everything. D.T. said that I definitely have a double dose of klutziness in me.

So, D.T. finished up the food preparations while I tried to stop the bleeding. No such luck. Back to work and he bandaged it up for me. 3 hours later. Still bleeding. More blue. More black. I figured I should probably visit the doctor. They got me in very quickly right before he was supposed to head to a meeting. I told him what had happened, but before he looked at my finger, he said he should also look at the cut I had bandaged. Um, yeah. I told him that I thought I had been in there to see him a bit too much lately. He told me that some patients are just needier than others. Ha! Remove bloody bandage as wound continues to bleed profusely, and he says three hours was more than enough time for it to have clotted up. He bandaged it more securely and started to look at my finger. 3 minutes later, I had bled through the bandage he put on, and he determined that we had to be a bit more aggressive about it. Read: big needle, injection of numbing fluid (oowwww!!!), cauterizing machine, and the bleeding finally stopped. Then, they buddy wrapped my injured finger next to my now burned finger and sent me off for an x-ray.

It was a fabulous, day, wouldn't you say? :o)

Finger not broken, but still very black and blue. Ice definitely helps.

Last night:

D.T. finishing a final assignment for the class he was taking. Up all night. Literally. I got up, read through it this morning, and made a few corrections. I thought I was done with this when he graduated from seminary. Yeah, right. He still wants to get his doctorate. He turned it in. He is finally free of taking and teaching classes now for um... about two weeks. Sigh.

At least we did it all together, right? :o)

Tonight, we are going out to dinner with friends to celebrate. Here's hoping for an uneventful evening and an even more uneventful 15th year! :o)

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

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Stephanie Harbin said...

Ah CC what a horrible day!! Sorry...

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