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Monday, July 19, 2010

Memorial Box Monday ~ Ice, Ice, Baby!

Welcome to Memorial Box Monday,
as hosted by Linny @ A Place Called Simplicity!

Today's memory takes us back to sometime in the winter of 1995 / 1996. At least, I think that is when it was. My 34-year old brain can be kind of fuzzy these days. That is why it is good for me to write these stories down. It is really cool how God continues to bring them to my mind at the oddest times. Like this morning. I was in the bathtub, thinking... God, what should I write about for Memorial Box Monday?... and it came to me as quickly as that!

D.T. and I were dating at the time (at least that is what he told me when I asked him), and we came home from school one weekend to visit my family. The drive is a little less than six hours. It is also important to note that D.T. was working for our campus police department as a security guard...

Well, that night, not long after we got to my family's home, D.T.'s roommate Sergio (there's an international name for you! :o)) called and asked D.T. if he had the master key ring for campus. Can you just feel the sinking feeling that began to form in the pit of his stomach??? So, he quickly checked, and yep, there it was! Of course, if a woman had been in charge of the police department, I am sure that there would have been a duplicate set locked up somewhere on campus. However, that was not the case. D.T. had the one and only master set of keys, and the department needed them. Right then. Six hours away. We hoped that we could send them by overnight mail the very next morning, but nope.

So, we all packed ourselves into the van (me, D.T., my dad, my mom, and my Gram) and off we went. Since we had just driven six hours, my Dad drove us back. He's good like that! I slept. I'm good like that! LOL! :o) At least, I slept until a jerking motion woke me up! We were making pretty good time, and we had made it somewhere into the mountains of West Virginia. Did I mention that it was winter?... and there was snow?... and ICE?!?!? We weren't going all that fast, but you really don't have to be going fast when you hit a patch of ice in the dark mountains. Back and forth, back and forth, the van wove, and I thought we were going to die! I know, though, that angels watched over us as my dad masterfully manipulated the steering wheel until he regained control of the vehicle. We were safe, although a bit shaken, to be sure. Well, we continued on, and safely arrived on campus to return the keys. Then, we immediately turned right back around (finally with some daylight!), and returned to my family's home for the weekend. Wow. 12 hours... actually 24, if you count our initial drive and our return drive after the weekend!!! What a trip!

This week, I am placing in my virtual Memorial Box a key to remind me to be grateful for a dad who was willing to get us out of a jam, who was an incredible driver, and for the angels of our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God who protected us!

So, when is a time you can recall that God physically protected you or your family? Do share! Let's all give God the glory He deserves!


Susan A said...

praise YHWH for protecting your family!!! :) and that's an awesome dad you've got there :)

Renee said...

It is wonderful God protected you ~ I have a similar story where he kept us from going off a cliff during an ice storm...I was screaming at the kids to get heads down and brace themselves while trying to stop sliding on the ice. My hubby came to the rescue along with several angels I am sure!! We stopped safely and we prayed a prayer of thanksgiving before heading home.....You are so right, He is awesome....

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