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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Our time with D.T.'s brother is drawing to a close. He will be leaving this Saturday. Wow, six weeks! The time has sure flown by. Even though we love having him here and will miss him, I am sure that he and his family will be very happy to see each other once again! The dogs will certainly miss him, too. He's been with them all day every day for the last six weeks! For a few days now, we have not been certain that his flight would actually happen because British Airways has gone on strike. Goodness! Problems coming and going! His flight has finally been confirmed, though, so it looks like everything is back on schedule.

So, now what? I wonder what this summer will bring us. More dieting. More elimination of clutter. A less stress-filled life? I hope so.

I got a little off track with my diet this weekend. It all started with the chocolate covered marshmallow (My Gram used to really love those!) and went downhill from there. There is just something about a routine to keep me on my diet, and I got out of my routine this weekend.

It's ok, though, because I am quickly back on track! My next goal is to make it over the 10-pound hump. This week! That will put me just about a third of the way to my goal!!!

Benjamin seemed to think he was quite the little Prince this morning! How cute is he with his legs folded all proper like that?!? :o)

I tried a really yummy dessert recipe last night, complements of Hungry Girl! LOVE her emails!!! Check it out... it is really easy, too! :o) Oh... and the only ingredient in here that you might not be familiar with is the True Lemon. You can find it next to Splenda in the baking aisle. This product has zero calories, and adds a very natural taste of lemon to pretty much anything you add it to. Great in water, too! They also have lime and orange versions, but I have not gotten the chance to try those yet.

Well, guess that's about it. Checking out for now... have a great day!

Oh, I almost forgot... one more new product which I have tried out is Crystal Light Pure Fitness. I am not so much a fan of the strawberry-kiwi flavor, but the grape is pretty good. Both of them are very tart, but not exactly sour. My goal is to not spend as much money as I have been on Sobe LifeWater, which I LOVE! We'll see how it goes. Anything to stay away from the Diet Coke. With a coupon, I am able to buy a box that breaks down to $.21/packet versus $1/bottle for Sobe. Big difference. Lucky me this week, though. Kroger's has Sobe on sale for $.88!!! Woohoo! :o)

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...


Tara said...

Congrats on the weight loss! It is very difficult to stick with a good diet plan when visiting family so I need routine too!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you have enjoyed your BIL's visit!

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