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Friday, April 02, 2010

More than interesting... tales of a quarterly report.

Approximately every 12 weeks, D.T. and I receive a quarterly report from our adoption agency telling us things we need to know, any changes to their process, news of placements that have been made, and a report of birth mothers who have seen our album and profile. I don't think it would be appropriate to share with you everything that is included in this report, but I thought you might find a little bit of it, well... interesting, for lack of a better word.

When we receive these updates, I am usually at a point where I am really looking forward to some information. Translated, I have exhausted my patience at waiting while hearing nothing, and I really need to know a little something. Then, sometimes what I hear throws me into a funk, and other times, it really doesn't bother me at all. I remember one quarter, one girl liked us because we had pets. Another girl didn't like us because our pets live inside. Ha! Go figure. Another time, one of the young ladies really liked the two of us and asked to see our home study, only to discover that I have MS, and not want to pursue us further. That was hard for me to hear because there is nothing I can do about my circumstances. Plus, it felt like a very direct and personal rejection
like none I had ever experienced. Of course, I do realize that God is ultimately sovereign and that His hand directed her in placing that baby with the family that He wanted.

This quarter, on the other hand, didn't really phase me at all. We just received our report yesterday. There were two young ladies who viewed our information, and both of them had very legitimate reasons for not choosing us. Of course, I believe that every reason a birth mother has for not choosing a family is legitimate. After all, it is her child, and she has every right to make a good choice for that child in the way she deems best.

I digress.

Like I said, two young ladies. The first thought that we were everything she was looking for in an adoptive family. Wow. That felt good. She did not ask for more information or choose us, however, because she wanted her child to have an older sibling. Good reasoning. Makes sense to me.

The second young lady didn't have anything particular that she didn't like about us, but didn't really feel a connection. Again, legitimate. What I found intriguing about this birth mother was that she noted that D.T. was from Romania, and she found that to be interesting. Unfortunately for us, interesting doesn't cut it. We need someone to be interested in us, and so that is how I would ask you to begin praying specifically for us.

There are currently five birth mothers who are considering adoption with our agency. Five birth mothers who will see our profile because, praise God, we opened ourselves up! Now, HE is in control of our outcome. I share with you specific details like this because I believe there is power in prayer when two or more are gathered. Would you pray specifically for these five birth mothers over these next several months until our next quarterly report? Would you pray that God will move in the heart of one of these five special young ladies to not just find us interesting, but to genuinely be interested in us? To seek out more information? To take a second look at our life? To want to meet us? Dare I say... to choose us?

I can't promise you any updates. You may never know the outcome of your prayers. We don't really know the outcome ourselves, unless of course, someone finds themselves interested in us. :-)

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

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dmelen said...

Will be praying for you, the birth mothers, and the little babies!

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