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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seriously??? Murphy's law...

You know, anything that can go wrong when I am on a deadline - - - you know, like a plane taking off - - - will go wrong.

Take the other day for example...

C.C. and D.T. head to the mall to pick up D.T.'s new suit.

D.T. to the sales guy at the men's clothing store: "I'm here to pick up my suit."

Sales guy: "Yes, it is all ready. Would you like to try it on?"

D.T.: "Yes, thank you."

Sales guy helps D.T. put on the jacket, only to discover that the sleeves were not shortened like they were supposed to be.

Sales guy: "Oh no, I think we forgot to mark these. Can you come back Thursday to pick it up?"


Or yesterday...

Lunch time - postcard from the vet. Ben is due for time-sensitive shots... while C.C. and D.T. are out of the country.


Late afternoon. Shots done. C.C. picks up D.T. and they head to W@lmart to return one thing and pick up a watch battery.

D.T. to the lady at the jewelry counter: "I need a new battery for my watch."

Lady at the jewelry counter: "What kind of watch do you have?"

D.T.: "Here it is."

Lady: "Oh, we're not allowed to touch Seiko's. And I'm not allowed to let you use the tools to check it yourself because of OSHA regulations."


C.C. and D.T. shuffle off to the tool section of the store and very inconspicuously proceed to find a screwdriver that will open the back of a watch without damaging the watch or the screwdriver since they weren't actually buying the screwdriver. Ahem.

C.C. and D.T. shuffle back to the watch counter.

D.T. "I need a new battery for my watch. Here is the old battery."

Lady: "Let me check." Rummages through the drawer of watch batteries. "I have two of this battery, but they are both open, so I cannot sell them to you."


C.C. and D.T. pay for their other purchase and depart in their continued quest for a watch battery.

R@dio Sh@ck: "We can only order that watch battery online."

T@rget: "Sorry, we are out of that battery."

C.C.: "Let's just go get my C@ld Stone Cr3amery birthday ice cream since the coupon will expire while we are away."

Pulling into the parking lot at C@ld Stone Cr3amery. C.C.'s phone rings.

C.C.: "Hello?"

Hairstylist: "Um, C.C.? You're not usually this late. Did you forget your appointment to get your hair cut? And you're going out of the country this Friday, right? And I'm not in tomorrow."


This morning. C.C. takes Ben out to the bathroom. C.C. and Ben come back inside. C.C. continues to get ready for work while Ben gets all tangled up rolling around in the covers on the bed.

D.T. (laughing) to C.C.: "Look at Ben. Isn't he being funny!"

C.C.: "Yes, he is being quite cute!"

Two minutes later.

C.C. to D.T.: "What are all these bumps on Ben's head, and why is his eye swelling up?"


C.C.'s phone rings again.

C.C.: "Hello?"

C.C.'s sister: "Did you remember to have your mail stopped?"


I think C.C.'s head might pop off. Please tell me if you find it somewhere, and then ship it to Romania.

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

***Don't forget to pray for someone today!


Sneaky Momma said...

You're being thrown curveballs from every direction! I hope little Ben is okay and that you were able to enjoy your ice cream. Won't be long until you are in Romania, far far away. :)

-stephanie- said...

It does stink the things that are happening, but you have such a humorous way of putting it. It will all work out in the end. Have a great trip.

Sheryl said...

is it wrong that i am laughing??

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, CC! Sounds like everything that could go wrong did. I know that your trip will most definitely cancel out all the bad stuff! Is Ben any better?

Anonymous said...

Goodness! Sorry to hear things are so crazy! But then you will get on that plane and think...AAAHHH!!! :) LOL! Good luck with getting everything else done :)

We have our first soccer game on Sat. I will be posting some video and pics ;)

He And Me + 3 said...

All I have to say about that is...SERIOUSLY? That was so crazy. The watch battery thing was just not even right.

amanda said...

wowzers. but i know you'll enjoy that trip and laugh about all of this later!! :0) it was very humorous. to me. who it wasn't happening to.

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