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Thursday, April 30, 2009


hours. In less than that, we will be on a plane headed back to the United States.

Wow, time always goes so quickly when we come here to visit, and as much as I love going home, I also hate leaving this home.

So, just a few things before signing off to spend this last bit of time with our family here.

The answers to the last of your questions.

dmelen said...

Thanks CC for the contest. Does DT have a lot of family in Romania?

ANSWER: Yes! D.T. has a LOT of family here in Romania!!! :-) He has 2 sisters, one brother, their spouses, children, and soon to be their children. My goodness, this family multiplies quickly! Unfortunately for all of us, D.T.'s father went home to be with the Lord in 2000. D.T.'s mom still lives here, and it is always so hard for us to say goodbye. Would you please pray for all of us these next few days as we leave here and adjust to being separated again?
dmelen said...

Why did DT come to the US?

ANSWER: Following the Romanian revolution that brought down communism in 1989, D.T. and others were offered scholarships to come to school in the U.S. That is the official reason D.T. came to the U.S., but I know that God had His hand in directing D.T.'s steps.
Sparkette said...

Okay I follow you. I don't really know what I am missing out on this post for some reason.

Although. Firefly wanted to ask you if you were on the Honor Roll when you were in school. (I told her what you said in your comment the other day :)

ANSWER: Sparkette, please tell Firefly, that "Yes, I was on the Honor Roll when I was in school. Although, I did not always have perfect grades, I tried to do my best." Of course, still today I have this bad habit of trying to be perfect, and I always irritate myself because I am not. Perfect, that is. Ahem. ;-)

Well, I guess I will let that be it for now. If you still have questions about Romania or want to enter my contest for some really cool Romanian stuff (including chocolate!!!), you have less than 24 hours! Once our plane hits the ground, I will have my sister close the contest.

Please be in prayer for us... and especially for D.T.'s mom.

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...

***Don't forget to pray for someone today!


Anonymous said...

Got it! Thanks :) I will let her know tonight. Have a safe flight home and remember it's just see ya later not goodbye. 12 years in the Navy will help ya to remember that :)

dmelen said...

Leaving family is always hard. Hang in there. I will be praying for you.

Sneaky Momma said...

What an awesome opportunity that scholarship was! I cannot even begin to imagine the courage that he and his family must have had to follow through with it. :)
Preying for you guys as you begin the separation process...Have a safe flight home.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend. Welcome home. I left something for you on my page. Hope you had a good flight!

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