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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm so glad you asked...

WOW! Double Wow!!

530 hits in one day? Thanks, MckMama!

I know, I know. That is nothing compared to the hits some of you get every day, but it was fun for me. :-)

And, more comments than I have ever gotten. 18 to be exact. Pretty statistically on target with what I usually get. You know...

5 visits = no comments :-(
20 visits = 2 or 3 comments (max)
530 visits = 18 comments! woohoo!!!

I like comments.

And questions. Some of you actually asked me questions!!!

So, here are your answers... ;-)

Q: "So all this cleaning your doing. Sounds kind of like your nesting. Anything we need to know?"

A: No, nothing to tell. I am NOT pregnant. For real. I am not. Never have been (according to the number of pregnancy tests I have taken in my lifetime, which just might equal the number of hits my blog received yesterday. Gee, wish I had all that $$ back!). We also have not heard anything from our adoption agency. I mean, other than they had 1 young lady to show our profile to. Whoa, whoa! Don't get all excited. That doesn't really mean anything unless she likes us and wants to meet us to find out more. But then, that was... stopping to count on fingers... almost 5 days ago. And we've heard nothing. So... stopping to brush the dust off my hands (and heart)... no, nothing to report. Wait, what was the question? Nesting? Me??? Yep, I am probably nesting. :-) You know, in preparation for the future!

Q: "Wow, you were first, how did you do it??"

A: I'll never tell ;-)

Q: "Organize?? How do you do that?? LOL!!"

A: Well............... after throwing away TONS of stuff, my closet may look like this...

and my drawer may look like this (until I wash some more clothes)...

but........ my guest room now looks like this...

Yep. I can admit it. I am a MOVER. I move my mess from one place to another until the next night when I attempt to deal with the next mess. See, no reason to be jealous here. :-) Organized? Me?? Never.

Q: "By the way, what is Romania like?"

A: That is a loaded question. It is a very beautiful country. Different from here. Very different. What would you like to know? I think I will have D.T. tackle this one as a guest writer in the near future. :-)

Q: "what type of motorycle does DT own?"

A: Well, actually, D.T. no longer owns a motorcycle, but will again some time in the future. The one in the picture is a Kawasaki Vulcan 750. When we got serious about moving forward with adoption, D.T. graciously decided to sell his bike until we were in a better place financially for everything going on. I love that man!!! He says the next bike will be a Harley... ;-). Some day.

Guess that's about it for now. Thanks for visiting! Come back soon!!!

Living in His JOY, HOPE, and PEACE...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe you were number 1! Way to go! I was number 9...then when I refreshed...not so much :( LOL. Maybe next week!

Mandey said...

I hear you with the "moving". I do that frequently. :) How awesome that you were 1st and had so many visitors!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Wow! #1 huh? Awesome!
I am linking to you later today. Hopefully you'll get some action from that, too. Surely not 500 hits, though. :) That's so cool!

amanda said...

congrats on all the hits. i too LOVE the comments. i hit '10000' hits yesterday thanks to mckmama. but definitely didn't get 500 hits in ONE day. i too move all the time. from the kitchen to the dining room table from the table to the on so on...:0)

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and for putting my button on your blog. Hope you have a good night!

Carla said...

I'm jealous! Maybe I only get 200 hits on Not Me Monday because I am usually number 220. Guess I never had a chance being that low on the list! I thought it was impressive to get 200 hits and 6 or 7 comments. Guess I will be aiming for the top 10 next week. I dont care that much though, nope, not me!

BTW, I am a mover too--it's the fastest way to clean up a room! : )

Sheryl said...

ok i cracked up about your statistics on visitors/comments. that is so true!! i think it should be a rule that if you stop by, you at least have to say "hi".

i had thought i was following your blog and that you hadn't posted lately. i now realize that i was wrong. before i leave i'll be sure to become a "follower".

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