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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Homestudy update...

Well, our first visit is over, and our second is scheduled for next Tuesday, again from noon - 1 p.m.

God is so good, and has listened to all your (and our :-)) prayers. While I felt peaceful first thing this morning, I still felt so anxious as the time ticked by until our visit. My human side tends to come out in the midst of uncertainty, and unfortunately, I haven't quite mastered the art of walking by faith without hesitation. My emotions often get the best of me.

Nonetheless, I was very aware of your prayers all morning. It was like I could literally see a hedge of protection surrounding us and moving with us, as we went.

God's grace and mercy even extended so far as to bring friends from another state to my office door before I left for the homestudy at lunch time. Only God could have orchestrated the timing. They don't know this, but had they arrived just 1 minute later, I would not have been in my office. I would have missed our short time of fellowship and their sweet offering of prayer to our LORD for me and DoubleT.

And, after the visit was over, as I was driving through the CRAZY traffic on main campus to drop DoubleT off to work at new student check-in, there our friends were again. You might not think this is anything significant, unless you happen to know the layout of campus, especially with the new roads and directional changes and the many options I had for how and where I was going to drop DoubleT off. I could have been sitting in traffic several streets away, yet there they were, walking along just as we drove up the isle in a parking lot where I almost never go.

It was really neat for DoubleT to be able to exchange greetings with them and for us to be able to share the experience of our first homestudy visit. Such special people, and I will never forget the way they allowed our great God to use them to hold up my arms in my weakness. Thank you, Tony & Jeanette.

The visit itself was quite laid back and relaxed. Much better than anything I had anticipated. In fact, it was kind of like old friends sharing casual conversation on the couches in someone's living room. They asked questions. We asked questions. We turned in paperwork, and talked about the rest of the process. The first visit is really designed to put the adopting couple at ease, and that's just what it did. I am looking forward to next week and to watch God's hand leading us through every moment to His designed end!

Until next time...

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