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Monday, August 04, 2008

Crazy times...

adWhat do you get when you put together one person who is stubborn, persistent, and forgetful (him) with another person who is picky, indecisive, and forgetful (me)?

Well... you get one very interesting and busy life, two people who are sometimes frustrated with themselves and each other, and one very needed and welcome one-day getaway with old friends!

Too bad we couldn't start our journey from home to North Carolina without forgetting that we had a bag of garbage on the top of the car to throw in the dumpster.

Our life is so crazy right now that I haven't been able to post this whole week! Shame on me. Part of that is my indecisiveness because there are SO many things I want to write about and so little time. Part of that is also my Type A perfectionist personality that won't let me do anything half-way. Keeps me running in circles instead of going in a nice straight line.

And then there's DoubleT. The only way he wants to go is in a nice straight line - - - the shortest distance between two points - - - with no breaks, no detours, no going back, and a well-defined map that perfectly takes into account all new construction! :-)

Yeah, well, I can see now that the rest of this adoption process is going to be totally FUN and stress free, right? Just kidding. But seriously, I think we need to cut some things out. I will be glad when my class is over in two weeks.

So, what else is coming up? Well, the first visit for our homestudy is now SCHEDULED! Yay!!! Next Wednesday, August 13th. Please pray for us that day. Come to think of it, please pray for us everyday. We need it! Our visit will be at the adoption agency. Thank goodness, we don't have to do the first visit at home so that we have some more time to clean!

Well, there's lots more I could talk about it, but I will save it for now. See, I am restraining my Type A side. I will say that God is good... through all the chaos... all the time.

Walking by faith...

1 comment:

Jon L. Estes said...

It was a fun day, though tired from the travel from VT. As I spoke with Tony, there is no going back but the memories are worth remembering.

When possible we ought to take time and have moments like we did Sunday.

Thanks for being you.

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